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    She was born in Alfonsine (Ravenna) in 1968 and graduated from the Faculty of physical education of Bologna. She studied contemporary dance with Paco Decina, Lucia Latour, Teri Weikel, Hephaestus, Wim Wandekeibus, Court Sconta.

    In 1990 works as a dancer to choreographer Monica Francia, taking part in some of her productions.

    In 1994 founded with Monica FranciaAssociazione Cantieri, that promotes and stimulates the development of an original culture and the Urban Dance Research. Major projects are presented by Cantieri 1996 The Festival Lavori in Pelle – Vetrina della Giovane Danza d’Autore in the City of Alfonsine (Ravenna) and from 1999 Urban Dance Festival in Ravenna Ammutinamenti. The continued presence on the land and the design pattern of these interventions original, has created a fertile ground for appreciating a Dance Original Research, did increase in the youth the need to create and establish working groups and has set the foundation for being able to look and appreciate the dance of Author and Research with an open and unprejudiced mind.

    In '94 she founded, with Catia Dalla Muta, Anna Albertarelli, Leone Monteduro and Marco Mercante the CompanyAmadossalto, which participates, as a dancer and choreographer, the shows: Novelle Vaghe(’94), reported to the Biennale of Young Artists Iceberg '95; 57° Livello (’95), finalist in the competition choreography City of Cagli i; Terzo (’96), included in the project for young companies, “In Fieri” with the artistic direction of choreographer Lucia Latour, also represented in "Music Game '96" of improvised music by saxophonist John Surman;  Unica Genera (’97), andSlaam (’97) represented in Florence in 1997 for the Special Edition of the Festival Works Leather Factory in Europe.

    In 1997 together with Claudia Bruni, the musician and poet Silvio Zalambani Danila Mazzotti creates the showL’Anacoreta della pioggiaproduced by the Europe Jazz Network at the project "Music Game" sponsored by the Assessorato alle Politiche Giovanili del Comune di Ravenna.
    In 1998 the show is selected by the Foundation for Roma Europa "of Italian contemporary dance platform" dedicated this year to twelve young Italian formations.
    In 1999 The bases'Associazione Culturale ICSand debuted in February 2000 with his latest production: Tangaz. Show directed by Selina Bassini Claudia Bruni and produced by Gerardo Lamattina by the Festival Lavori in Pelle - Festival Drodesera. It is a great springboard for the company since he won the '99 Special Edition of Scenario, prestigious award in theater for young companies.
    In 2001 works on a project funded by the European Community to the European circuit from realizing that the show danceRosa, final event of the Dance Theatre Lab of the boys who attend the "social space Agora" Lido Adriano (Ravenna). The project is conducted in collaboration with dancer and actors Bedosti Alessandro Francesco Rossetti and Silvano Voltolina.
    The laboratory has resulted in an area of ​​orientation and aggregation, which favored the prevention of social problems, through dance and theater.
    In 2002 Bedosti with Alexander and director Eugene Sideri collaborating laboratories to prepare the projectPhiloctetesdebuting in December as part of the Winter Festival events Santarcangelo.
    In 2003 Always Bedosti Sideri and produces the showRadio commentarydebut at the Festival Theatre, directed by Antonio Sports Calbi.
    In 2003, together with Bedosti and Sideri, and the extraordinary contribution of the actor Ascanio Celestini, works on production of the showRadio commentarydebut at the Festival Theatre, directed by Antonio Sports Calbi.
    From 2004 has per Cantieri, part of activities to promote research on the territory of the Dance, choreographic workshops for students of secondary schools of first and second degree of the Province of Ravenna.

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